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“Whatever your running goals, we'll keep you on track

Life if all about living fully. Fitsio+ is conceived and designed on this simple principle. Managed by brilliant brains and equipped with finest equipments, it is driven by an unwavering zeal to help people get back in to their best.

Our philosophy of care is simple, to provide not only first-class physiotherapy but to enable people to transform their health, well-being and quality of life. Whatever your age or problem, there is always something we can do to assist.

Whatever is your condition, if you are willing to help yourself, we are there to give all the support and therapeutic care you need.

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Excellent, professional,gentle service. She is clearly very knowledgeable in his field, totally put me at ease and most of all was so gentle I did not feel a thing! She is very friendly ,explained the whole procedure and very professional. The clinic is beautifully appointed,very modern and extremely clean.


32 years

Recently I have been to the Fitsio Physio for my knee strengthening.Indeed it is one of the best Physiotherapy centre for fitness in Ahmedabad.Nidhimam is doing her best.So it is a worth place for any Physio related need. Thank you Nidhimam.I am quite happy to Fitsio.Thanks Dr,Nidhimam and Halley for kind and proper service

Naran Bheda

Naran Bheda

39 years

My treatment has been done.. I have a severe pain in neck 4 right hand frozen shoulder … I am very satisfied with the treatment and now 95% relieve in the pain can said that it is almost nil pain

Chandrajeet Rawal

Chandrajeet Rawal

41 years

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Tennis elbow refers to painful elbow syndrome encompassing lateral, medial and posterior elbow symptoms. Amongst all the most commonly encountered is LATERAL TENNIS ELBOW, approximately 75% cases. It is a lesion affecting the tendinous origin of common wrist extensors from…

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Is proliferative fibroplasia of subcutaneous palmer tissues, forming nodules of cords along its ulnar border. This condition is characterized by flexion deformity of one or more fingers due to thickening and shortening of palmar aponeurosis. Normally, palmar aponeurosis is thin…

ACL Injury Management

The knee joint is made up of three bones – femur, tibia and patella. It is a very complex joint that has the function of maintaining stability as well as mobility. There are various ligaments surrounding the knee joint whose…

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